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According to the US Census Bureau, approximately 56.7 million (or 1 in 5 Americans) have a disability of some sort. According to "a broad definition of disability", more than half of those people report their disability as severe. My name is Eleanor Pelcyger, Owner of Boundless Possibilities Cruises and Tours and I am one of those 56.7 million people with a disability! Walking presents a difficulty for me but I vowed 20 years ago that I would never let it stop me from doing what I cherished the most---seeing the world. That's why I am determined to make sure that other people with any type of disability could do the same!

Having been an avid and longtime cruiser and traveler, my goal in opening Boundless Possibilities Cruises and Tours was to help people with any type of disability travel with confidence. Providing tips that could assist in the pre-planning of the trips they could experience would serve to give the special needs community a greater understanding of how the world is available to them. When I show people with disabilities that their dreams of traveling the world is within reach, suddenly it becomes the greatest catalyst to taking the first step.

All of us want to lead more fulfilling lives and to do this we must sometimes step out of our comfort zones. I present our clients with the wide range of destinations they can visit and the experiences they can enjoy, and find that they realize that they can do more than they ever dreamed possible.

As a Travel Agent with clients with special needs, my experience has taught me that most people with a disability never dare to dream that they too can become world travelers. Almost 20% of the population will stay at home because they have no idea that a disability is not a handicap to experiencing what the world has to offer! That is the gift I always want to give to my clients.

Also to assist with your Special Needs Travel we have included this Downloadable PDF:

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The BOUNDLESS POSSIBILITIES CRUISES AND TOURS difference is simple. It is our belief that having a disability is not a handicap to experiencing what the world has to offer! And after we show you that YOUR POSSIBILITIES ARE BOUNDLESS you'll end up believing it too!

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