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How Gay Travel Is Different (And Why It Matters)

In an effort to expand the site, I've been adding more guest contributors and, today, I'm announcing a LGBT column for the website. In this column, we will hear from voices in the LGBT community about their experiences on the road, safety tips, events, and, overall, advice for other LGBT travelers get the most out of their time on the road! So, without further ado, I'd like to introduce everyone to Adam from He's going to be the lead for this column (though we'll shortly have writings from other voices in the community too!).

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10 Hottest Gay Destinations For 2017

A common phrase is that the world is getting smaller, but for the queer community it's only getting bigger. That's because LGBT rights are only expanding around the world and destinations that were off limits only 10 years ago are now opening their arms to our community. Sure there are parts of the world where history sometimes takes a step backwards, but 2017 will no doubt shape up to be a big travel year for gays and lesbians. Pack your bags (and plenty of sunscreen), here's where you should travel right now.

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LGBT Travel: Making Places More Welcoming By Going There

Philip Sheldon remembers the backlash. His travel company was selling a Nile in Style Egypt tour in 2001, soon after the Queen Nile Boat incident, in which 52 gay Egyptian men were arrested and tortured by the government.

"We got a scathing email — 'How can you possibly run a tour to a place that victimizes its gay men?'" he said.

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Access granted: Accommodating Special-needs Travelers

A small but growing army of travelers with special needs is emerging, fueled by a desire to experience different cultures, have adventures and collect memories much the same as most travelers.

Yet, save for a handful of agents and operators whose passion it is to advocate for and assist special-needs travelers with their plans, this market remains pretty much off the radar screens for much of the industry.

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Air Travel Tips For Seniors With Special Needs

Booking the Flight
When you go to book your parent's flight, this is the time to make special requests that can help make the trip easier for them. You'll need to make these requests over the phone.

For example, you may want to inquire about seats in the front of the plane for easier access or bulkhead seats that provides extra leg room, and you should probably request a wheelchair or...

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Accessible Travel: Nine Adventure Holidays You Can Do From A Wheelchair

Skiing, coasteering and Amazon trekking aren't the most obviously accessible activities, but having a disability doesn't rule you out from trying them. Here's how to do adventure travel in a wheelchair

Disabled Access Day took place at the weekend (from 10-12 March), when places from...

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