Travel Tips

Call your airline 24 hours in advance to make sure that they have noted any special needs or requests in your booking (such as food allergies). While your travel agent may have requested it, it doesn't mean the airline reservation agent always notes it in the booking record.

Never plan any sightseeing tours for the day of travel. Especially when travelling with children. Exhausted parents and children do not make for an enjoyable tour!

One to two weeks before you leave on your trip, make a packing list and include in it everything you use on a daily basis. This may include meds, medical equipment such as a c-pap machine or portable oxygen unit, books to read, cell phone and e-reader chargers, etc. (Don't forget an extra pair of glasses, a first aid kit with diarrhea pills, headache pills and burn cream, and your camera!).

Take pictures of your passport and credit cards on your phone or tablet where you can access them if needed!

Set everything out on your bed before packing so you can check your packing list and tick the items off. (make sure you pack a copy of the packing list in your suitcase so you come home with what you left with).

The day before you leave, review the list and double check that you haven't left anything behind and place all luggage you'll be taking in the same place. You'd be surprised how many people leave a bag behind (myself included!).

Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours early. You definitely do not want to miss your flight because of a traffic accident on the road or a temper tantrum from a crying child who wants to go back to sleep!

If you are traveling with children, take pictures of them on the day you leave, in the clothes they are wearing and repeat each day of your trip. You can show them to people for identification if they wander away (as kids do all the time!).

Tag your luggage with something unique to you so you can recognize your luggage at the airport. Most bags that come down the chute are identical and difficult to identify.

Do your research in advance. Will all of the members of your party enjoy the destination? The shore excursion? The web provides all types of interesting destination information. AND DON'T FORGET! YOUR TRAVEL AGENT IS THE BEST RESOURCE OF ALL! Don't forget to ask for anything you need or want. If its in their power, you'll get it!

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